Connecting travelers to organizations doing good is our favorite part of meaningful travel. One of the highlights of our group tours to Guatemala is learning about a social enterprise in Antigua by the name of Eden por Salud.

Using high-grade, organic essential oils, Eden por Salud makes wellness products for the body and home. More importantly, they create accessible and inclusive jobs for entrepreneurs with disabilities.


"Personal Wellness for the Collective Good"



The need...


Guatemala has few resources for people with disabilities, and an estimated 1/3 of Guatemalan households care for a family member with a disability. Many of these adults spend their days alone, without socialization, and are discriminated against in the workforce.

The solution...

Eden por Salud's mission is to create a thriving business that is built around inclusion. Recognizing the individual strengths of each entrepreneur, Eden por Salud is helping to create autonomy for its employees. This allows them to build confidence and income. They are able to give back to their communities and create social and economic growth for themselves.


Meet the entrepreneurs of Eden por Salud.

Annie is the co-founder of Eden por Salud. She is a special-education teacher who grew up in the Seattle area. She got acquainted with the disability community in the Antigua area when she spent a summer teaching in a school. Additional visits and collaborations with like-minded people, compelled her to dream of a life in Guatemala serving this community. She saw a need, and a desire grew within her to meet it. Today Annie calls Antigua home. She is an advocate for creating equal opportunities for people with disabilities.

Travel on Purpose is proud to partner with Eden por Salud. Guests on group tours are gifted with the "traveler's kit" - a perfect accompaniment to any vacation. This package includes: natural repellent, linen spray, a topical roller for nausea, and moisturizing hand sanitizer. All products are biodegradable, all-natural, and come in recyclable packaging.

In addition, to the presentation of these beautiful gifts, we also share a meal with Annie during our visit to Antigua. This gives our travelers an opportunity to learn about Eden por Salud, hearing inspiring stories of dignity and transformation. It's a joy to meet a changemaker and hear her heart for providing meaningful opportunities for people who are often marginalized.

Eden por Salud is making a positive impact in Guatemala. Their beautiful products for body and home can be found throughout boutiques and gift shops in Antigua.


They also ship to the US! So if you'd like to make a purchase, hop online and shop today.