Gift-giving season is here!


Now is the time to think about the people you will give gifts to this holiday season and where you will make your purchases.


Why not choose gifts that provide a double benefit? Every item in this gift guide not only provides a beautiful and thoughtful gift, but it also benefits others. From candles created by adults with special needs to coffee from our favorite farm in Guatemala and from block printed napkins from India to artisan goods from Haiti, these items are helping to provide opportunities for people in need. Each item is made with love and comes straight from some corner of our world that helps to make a difference in someone's life. 


Tip: Order early to avoid disappointment. All these organizations and businesses of purpose ship from the US. Choose to have the item shipped to you or directly to the person you are giving a gift to.




Four Beeswax Votive Candles from Guatemala
Eden Por Saluda | Price: $14 for a set of 4

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Four 100% beeswax votives with cotton wicks, 2.5 cm tall. 5 hour burn time. Make sure to burn in a votive holder for optimal burn time. The candles are 100% natural and have beneficial properties that help the respiratory system because beeswax naturally absorb toxins, allergens and dust in the air.




Each Edén product is handcrafted by, and provides an accessible income, to a local entrepreneur with a disability.  Guatemala has few resources for people with disabilities, and an estimated 1/3 of Guatemalan households care for a family member with a disability.  Many of these adults spend their days alone, without socialization, and are discriminated against in the workforce. Edén is changing this through labor inclusion that is based around the individual strengths of each entrepreneur so that they can thrive in their work and build confidence and income. With this autonomy, they give back to their communities and create social and economic growth for themselves. 




La Familia Collective Coffee from Guatemala

La Familia del Cafe | Price: $14 (12 oz)

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Antigua is one of the most well-known coffee regions throughout the world. The valley is encircled by three volcanoes: Agua, Fuego, and Acatenango. Its climate is temperate all year with steady moisture that makes this a suitable and perfect place for coffee to be slowly nurtured. Cool nights finalize the process of stabilization, preventing extreme climate variations between the dry and wet seasons of Guatemala. Antigua's coffee is often characterized for being outstanding in the cup, and its complexity varies, normally exhibiting a floral acidity that is often spicy or chocolaty.



La Familia del Cafe is one of two families that make up the La Familia Collective. Thelma, Freddy, and their children own and operate their own coffee farm, growing some of the finest coffee in the region. They help support the local community through scholarships for school-aged children. They also offer a "bean to cup" coffee workshop which is a Travel on Purpose favorite. Read more about their community-based tourism here.




Organic Cotton Travel Set from India

Zestt | Price: $108

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This Organic Cotton travel set is the easiest way to bring the comfort of home with you on your next vacation or business trip. Each set includes an incredibly soft, fine knit throw, coordinating eye mask and carrying pouch. The pouch is designed to fit easily over your luggage handle to keep you organized on the go.


  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • GOTS Certified
  • Blanket 40"x60"
  • Pouch 12"x7.5"x2"
  • Machine Washable
  • Made in India



All Zestt products carry the The Global Organic Textile Standard seal, guaranteeing them to be free of pesticides, more than 100 harmful chemicals commonly used in textile production and harsh dyes. One of the most stringent markers of organic cotton goods, it also ensures that the production process of our textiles is ethical, fair and free from child labor from seed to store.



Woven Crossbody Purse from Ethiopia

Parker Clay | Price: $124

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Introducing a stylish and versatile Shoulder Bag with a woven body and a braided strap. This bag seamlessly converts into a crossbody, providing both functionality and fashion. The woven body exudes timeless elegance, while the braided strap adds a unique touch. The strap can be adjusted to your preferred length, allowing for comfortable wear across your body. Additionally, a removable braided tassel adds a playful accent, allowing you to customize the bag's look. Experience the perfect blend of style and versatility with this exceptional shoulder bag.




A Better Bag for a Better World, Parker Clay believes that when you empower a woman, you empower a village, and in Ethiopia, they're creating opportunities for women today to build a better world for tomorrow. Empowerment demands more than just jobs and living wages. Parker Clay aims to break the chain of dependency by providing women with the skills, tools, and means they need to uplift their communities, their way. Nobody is better positioned to transform Ethiopia than the women who call it home. 




The Subscription Club from Haiti

2nd Story Goods | Price: $27 per month (includes shipping)

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Looking for a special gift that gives all year? This is it! The 2nd Story Goods Sub Club is the gift that keeps on giving. Every month your loved one can get a surprise in the mail. You get to decide how long you want to keep the gift going.

  • Get a curation of handmade goods from Haiti every month.
  • Directly provide work for makers in Haiti.
  • The retail value of the box will always exceed the price you pay.
  • Cancel at any time.



2nd Story Goods understand how it feels to want to buy things that are good for the people who made them, the planet, and you. This is why they've been working on the ground with their artisans in Gonaives, Haiti for 10 years, creating recycled, handcrafted goods for a livable wage. Last year their impact enabled over 108 children to stay in school, not because of hand-outs, but through the dignity of their parents’ work with 2nd Story Goods.




Evergreen Dinner Napkins from India

The Mended Company | Price $28

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Give a set of 4 napkins that are block-printed by hand from women who are survivors from modern day slavery.


  • 18" x 18"
  • 100% Cotton



Mended employs 23 men and women in South Asia. Each person block printing Mended linens is a survivor of a specific type of human trafficking in which they had been working in cruel, unfair and violent situations. This work provides economic empowerment which is a key piece of their restoration puzzle.


Choose a gift that gives twice! These purchases are helping to make a difference in the lives of the people who made them. Shop smart and do good this holiday season.


Disclaimer: Travel on Purpose has received no commissions or affiliate payment for listing these items.

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