I'll be honest, in the old days, I rarely purchased travel insurance
for our family's trips. We were willing to take the risk.
But these days aren't the same and travel insurance is a very good idea.


Did you know that a policy as low as $75
(dependent on the length of the trip and age of the traveler)
can make a huge difference in the unfortunate event

that something goes wrong?

Travel insurance can…


… reimburse you for a trip that you have to cancel even hours before departure.

… save you from paying hospital bills in a foreign country.
… pay for medical evacuation.

… even cover you when flights are cancelled or delayed.

When is the best time

to purchase a policy?


1. Right away after your initial payment is made. This provides the greatest coverage window.


2. Within 14 days of making your first payment. This is the cutoff point for the existing medical condition benefit.


3. Anytime before you depart. Even if it's the night before you're leaving, it's still better than not at all. Baggage loss/damage or delay, travel delay and emergency medical are all still valid reasons to purchase even at this late time.



When is the worst time?
You guessed it. After you've departed and when something goes wrong. These days, I prefer peace of mind and considering the low cost of an insurance policy, it really seems like the smart choice.

So, if you have a trip coming up (whether it's a Travel on Purpose trip or not) We can provide you with a quick and easy insurance quote over email.


Simply click on the link below to get started.


Get an insurance quote


You'll need to provide the following information and you'll have a quote sent to your email within 24 hours.


  • Your name
  • Your DOB
  • Your home state
  • Your destination
  • Additional travelers to be included
  • Dates of your trip
  • The date of your initial payment
  • The total cost of your trip



Click here for a quick and easy way to insure your trip and protect your investment.