Our 2021 gift guide includes some of our favorite purpose-filled organizations, brands and social enterprises that are committed to supporting the wellbeing of their workers. Gifts that provide jobs and help people in need are the best kinds of gift-giving!


The collection of items below were made with love all over the world. Each purchase means you're making a difference in someone's life. 


There is a wide range of price-points ranging from $12 - $378, and everything in-between. As you look over your shopping list this year, consider choosing an item or two listed here.


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Tip: Order early! Global supply chain issues are expected to cause delays this year.




1. Traveler's Kit
Eden Por Saluda | Guatemala

Price $65

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Know someone who loves to travel? This is the gift for them! All products are made with high quality organic essential oils and are placed in glass bottles with a beautiful label. 


The kit comes with:

  • Natural Repellent (biodegradable, all-natural, and recyclable packaging!)
  • Linen Spray (sleep easy with this blend of lavender, chamomile, and eucalyptus.)
  • Good Instincts (use this topical roller for car sickness, nausea, and tummy troubles.)
  • Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer (moisturize while you disinfect your hands or surfaces!)


Each Edén product is handcrafted by, and provides an accessible income, to a local entrepreneur with a disability.  Guatemala has few resources for people with disabilities, and an estimated 1/3 of Guatemalan households care for a family member with a disability.  Many of these adults spend their days alone, without socialization, and are discriminated against in the workforce. Edén is changing this through labor inclusion that is based around the individual strengths of each entrepreneur so that they can thrive in their work and build confidence and income. With this autonomy, they give back to their communities and create social and economic growth for themselves. 




2. Handmade Baskets

Kibaale | Uganda

Price $20-35

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These handmade baskets are a great home accent! They can be used as wall hangings, hot pads or placed on the counter. Choose from sizes ranging from 8" - 12". The baskets are available in several colors.


Ships from Canada. Contact [email protected] for shipping info.



A growing group of women have gathered together in villages around the Kibaale Community Centre to make baskets from local, natural materials such as banana and palm leaves. These women are looking for ways to support their families with their talents. The Kibaale Community Centre is happy to be able to support them by selling their products to a wider market. The Kibaale Community Centre consists of a K-12 school, 4 vocational high schools and a medical clinic in rural Uganda.




3. Bone, Wood, Glass & Leather Jewelry

Haiti Design Co. | Haiti

Price $12-36

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Choose from a wide array of hand-made jewelry that fits any budget and provides a beautiful gift or stocking stuffer for someone you love. 



Haiti Design Co was founded in 2014 with the goal to bring about sustainable development through design, training and job creation. Developing craftsmen and leaders that are able to use their skills to provide for their families and contribute to the development of their community. Employees are provided with a healthy lunch daily, health care options, savings accounts, emergency loans, counseling, and educational resources. A big focus at HDC is creating a safe, encouraging, and family-like work environment where individuals are supported and pushed towards personal growth and leadership.



4. Trio Sampler Pack (4 oz. Each)

Generous Coffee

Price: $20

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These 4 oz. bags are perfect for gifts, traveling, or just to try out three of their favorite coffees! This is the Founders Sample Pack - The Higgins, The Fuller, and The Drew. All three coffees named after the founders of Generous Coffee! Sampler bags are whole bean only!



100% profit to non-profits. Drink life changing coffee. Generous is in the business of transforming lives with every sip. It's all about improving and bettering lives globally through ethically sourced coffee beans and other purposeful products. If you're looking for an easy way to make an impact in your daily routine, this is the place to start. Generous Coffee is in the for-profit biz, but more importantly, we are in the FOR PURPOSE biz. They sell products, to make a profit, so that they can turn around and give that money straight back to nonprofits around the world. The primary beneficiary of Generous Coffee is Hope and Humanity working in Honduras.




5. The Mama Box Subscription

Haiti Mama | Haiti

Price $200 (1 box per quarter)

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Looking for a special gift that gives all year? This is it! The Mama Box by Haiti Mama is a quarterly box subscription filled with lifestyle, beauty and home décor products. Each box contains 8 or more artisan products valued at over $180. Boxes ship on the 15th of February, May, August and November. 


Did you know that in Haiti 80% of the kids in orphanages have families? Parents need jobs, not orphanages. 100% of The Mama Box revenue is reinvested into the Haitian economy. These boxes have created work for 250+ artisans. Haiti Mama trains Haitian parents and they pay fair trade wages. The only way we can change the orphanage system is to support the alternatives. Haiti Mama has  partnered with other organizations in Haiti who share their mission of job creation to connect consumers to as many mamas as possible. The more mamas that subscribe, the more mamas they can employ. 




6. Reusable Sustainable Straw Kit

Lumily | Guatemala

Price $18

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A perfect stocking stuffer, this reusable straw kit is handmade in Guatemala. They are available in a variety of colors. The bag is made by foot-loomed fabric using a traditional wooden loom. The kit comes with a stainless steel straw + cleaner brush and closes with a Velcro closure. The straw is 8.5" and the bag is 9.5".



Lumily is an ethical brand that focuses on creating social change one fair trade product at a time. They partner with small scale artisans in Guatemala, Mexico and Thailand to design a bold collection that represents relationships, sustainability and hope.  They believe in the importance of ethical practices in all phases of our business, from sourcing, to production, through sales.




7. Globetrotter Passport Cover

Fair Anita | Ethiopia

Price $32

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Gift this affordable leather passport case to someone who loves to travel. Made from super soft scrap leather, this cognac passport case has three large compartments that fits a passport and tickets, with two smaller slots to hold  credit cards and ID. This case is ready for a lifetime of travels around the world. Handcrafted by women in Ethiopia. 6" x 4 1/4" when closed.



At Fair Anita, they're challenging norms within the fashion industry and creating supply chains in the most ethical way they can imagine: investing in women and centering makers throughout every part of the process. They believe accessories should be stylish, affordable, and thoughtfully-sourced. They go beyond fair wages, investing in the individuals who breathe life into each of their products.




8. Taytu Travel Weekender

Parker Clay | Ethiopia

Price $378

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For that special person on your shopping list! Or maybe for YOU! (Send a link to your significant other!) :-) This weekender bag has a sleek design and is surprisingly spacious. Meet the new essential travel companion. Crafted from premium Ethiopian full-grain leather and featuring an adjustable crossbody strap, interior padded laptop sleeve and wide interior pockets. You will love the functionality, durability and versatility of one of Parker Clay's favorite products. 



Empowered women change the world. Statistically, women reinvest much more of their wages into their families. Parker Clay believes that when you empower a woman, you empower a village, and in Ethiopia, they're creating opportunities for women today to build a better world for tomorrow. Parker Clay aims to break the chain of dependency by providing women with the skills, tools, and means they need to uplift their communities, their way. Nobody is better-positioned to transform Ethiopia than the women who call it home. It's time to let them lead, and with every purchase, you help them light the way.




9. T-Strap in Black

Sseko Designs | Uganda

Price $41.99

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For that person on your list who loves sandals! They will love these classics that are hand-crafted from genuine leather. These flat sandals are designed for all-day (and all-night!) comfort, making them perfect for travel, and everything in between!

  • Flat base with small heel
  • Adjustable ankle strap with gold buckle closure
  • Leather and latex-free rubber


Sseko was started to enable high potential, talented young women in Uganda to continue on to university. These young women work for Sseko in the nine-month gap between secondary school and university, saving part of their income for university. They receive life skills training, are paired with professional mentors and get valuable formal work experience. At the end of their term, Sseko matches their savings 300%. Every woman who has graduated from Sseko has gone on to pursue higher education and is on her way to making our world a more beautiful place.




10. Pathway Bracelet

Noonday Collection | Peru

Price $58

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This hammered brass and handcrafted chain bracelet will make a nice gift for someone special. The closure is a toggle and the length is 7.5". 


Noonday creates dignified jobs that empower families to care for their children, ensuring that children are not orphaned or abandoned because of poverty. They work with their local partners to ensure that Artisans receive fair wages that enable them to send their children to school.


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