Travel comes with all kinds of opportunities to enjoy new foods, beautiful sites, and learn about new cultures. When we visit places like Latin America, Europe or Africa we often think of the souvenirs we will purchase and bring home to remind of us our trip. We've previously written about tips for respectful shopping and supporting local artisans, but in this post, we'd like to share some ideas on a different kind of travel souvenir, journal keeping!


Nothing captures your trip like the observations and feelings in a moment like your personal thoughts. Even if you're not typically the journaling type, consider taking a few minutes at the end of each day to choose one of the following prompts and jot down some of your recollections. They will serve as a priceless souvenir.


  • What is something you experienced today that made you happy, sad, joyful, or overwhelmed?


  • Describe a moment in time from this trip that you hope to remember always.


  • Who is a person you met, spent time with, or interacted with that you want to remember? What was it about your time together that stands out?


  • What is something new you learned today?


  • Describe a sound, a taste, or a sight that you want to remember.


  • Did you experience a God moment today that has left an impact on you? Describe it.



Some people enjoy keeping little items that remind them of their travels. Consider bringing along some double-sided tape and include things like ticket stubs, menus, receipts, or brochures in your journal.


Enjoy your next adventure! And do yourself a favor by collecting memories on paper for a souvenir that will last a lifetime!



If you're looking for a travel journal for your next trip, take a look at a few of our favorites:



Set of 2: Great Love Journals

by Tirzah

Your purchase not only supports female makers; 100% of the net proceeds of this artisan made good goes towards funding Tirzah’s mission to create opportunities for women through their global empowerment programs.



Kindred Journal

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Handmade cotton paper is bound into a gorgeous journal illustrated by Leah Duncan to create the perfect place for your thoughts, hopes, and dreams. Noonday Collection is a socially responsible business that uses fashion to create meaningful opportunities across the globe. 


Journals on Amazon


This series comes in many different country covers. Search their store to find the one that matches your next adventure.


Looking for old world charm, then this leather covered journal might be perfect!


It's hard to beat the quality of a moleskin journal. Have you seen the travel edition?




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