“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! For the most wonderful trip ever, celebrating Bob's big 80th! Every minute was amazing, and we came home with so many long-lasting memories! You made it happen, and we can't thank you enough!”

-Deanna S. (September 2023)


"I've been meaning to email you ever since we got back. I am beyond grateful for you and all you did to help us prepare for this trip. It would have been a totally different experience if we hadn't connected. I'm not sure we would have loved it as much without you, simply because we would have felt more lost and wouldn't have had the rich experiences that you planned for us. But, because of you, it was one of my very favorite & most meaningful vacations. It captured my heart more than I expected it couldn't."

Kim P. (August 2023)


"Travel on Purpose exceeded our expectations in every way-especially planning a dance focused trip! Every detail was attended to and all of our classes and experiences were meaningful and lovely. It's impossible for us to choose a favorite activity. We loved salsa dancing, working with Fundamaya, cooking with Anita, making chocolate, visiting the ruins, and every experience in between. We felt that we really got to know the culture and made special connections with the Guatemalans we interacted with and served. Our whole group felt inspired and can't wait to go back. 10/10 recommend!"

-Alex S. (June 2023)



"This destination has a very personal connection for me and my daughter, as she was born in Guatemala. This was our first trip back to Guatemala since she came home 15 years ago. Dianne was very flexible with scheduling requests and was able to work in so many experiences I honestly don't think I would have been able to coordinate all of this myself without significant stress and we are forever grateful for her help. Even though it was only a short afternoon, we had a lunch in the "state" where my daughter was born. We didn't do anything significant that day except lunch and a small farm, but it was impactful and she can now says she has been to where she was born. There wasn't any experience that was bad and we would do every one again and particularly enjoyed the cooking class. Thank you for everything!"

-Tana C. (May 2023)



"Dianne curates an experience that plunges the traveler into the culture. My trip was a feast for the senses. I loved learning the stories of those helping others in their community and empowering women."

-Laurie H. (June 2023)



"I loved learning the culture of the Guatemalans and interacting with them even with the language barrier. They were all friendly. What inspired me the most was how hard they work, and that the places we visited were all trying to make change for betterment."

-Deanna G. (June 2023)



"The food, the hotels and the excursions in Guatemala surpassed my expectations. Loved all the hotels especially impressed with Casa Palapo and the room we stayed in with the view and the porch was fantastic! We enjoyed our trip to Guatemala with Travel on Purpose so much.

Thank you Dianne!"

-Anita H. (February 2023)



"We enjoyed a beautiful, turn-key trip to Guatemala with Travel on Purpose. Well-paced, nice hotels and meals, and a good value."

-Mark V. (February 2023)



"I was so impressed and happy about how well Dianne organized our days in Guatemala, whether that was going on an incredible volcano hike with really awesome people or just enjoying a solitary and quiet morning, sipping on delicious coffee, in an enchanting hotel with breathtaking views."

-Juliet S. (July 2022)



Travel on Purpose with Dianne was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Her knowledge of Guatemala is expansive, ensuring you experience all the beauty this country has to offer."

-Brooke A. (July 2022)



"Such an amazing experience! This trip was full of fun, learning,

and new memories I will never forget."

-Savannah H. (July 2022)



"If you have ever thought about combining vacation time with service opportunities, do not hesitate to contact Dianne with Travel on Purpose. She put together and led an intentional and fun experience that I will never forget."

-Jen B. (March 2022)



"Our purposeful trip to Guatemala was life changing for me! Dianne did an amazing job of filling our days with intentional experiences that taught us about the beautiful multilayered culture; while also introducing us to people impacting the community. I was touched by each person we met. It was the perfect blend of learning about missions, volunteering and fun! I really hope to join another trip in the future."

-Christi J. (March 2022)



"Our trip to Budapest was such a blessing. With my knee problems

and my husband's back problems, we were so impressed with how accommodating

and helpful Dianne was. We really appreciated how she made adjustments for us.

We never felt pressure to do more than we could. We are honestly so thankful

for everything she did to make our trip to Budapest so amazing.

Returning to the place where we had our honeymoon was so special."

-Victoria J. (November 2021)



"The Girls' TOP group tour to Guatemala was exceptional in every way.

We were blessed to spend a day with “Kids Alive” that serves girls that have

been victimized by sexual abuse. We learned about the wonderful ways these

girls are being rescued, restored, filled with hope, and redeemed. 

The entire trip was incredibly special, from connecting with women as we shared meals,

climbing a volcano, immersing ourselves in the culture of the village of San Pedro,

by shopping in a market and cooking with Anita. 

Join a group tour with TOP today - you won’t regret it!"

-Lisa M. (September 2021)



"Dianne planned the most unique things for our family.

She really listened to what we were most interested in and brought

together a perfect itinerary."

-Lea M. (July 2021)



"We spent time with Hana's Hope in Serbia serving at their annual family camp 

for children affected with disability. We loved having the opportunity to see

first-hand the good work being done through this organization. They are truly 

making a difference and providing hope."

-Debbie R. (June 2017)



"If you're looking for a travel experience that will take you off the beaten path

and include unique places and activities, I highly recommend Dianne

and Travel on Purpose."

-Koreena E. (June 2021)




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