Join us for the last virtual book club of 2021,

The Blue Sweater





The Blue Sweater: Bridging the Gap Between Rich and Poor in an Interconnected World

by Jacqueline Novogratz


This is a great follow-up book to the last book club, When Helping Hurts. The Blue Sweater is not a faith-based book, but dives into many of the principles we learned in When Helping Hurts.


The Blue Sweater reads like a memoir. If you love world cultures and the adventure of travel, you will love this inspiring story! Jacqueline literally takes the reader on a journey, not just through the geographical places she works, but also through the learning process of what really helps. She advocates Patient Capital (a long and sustainable approach to poverty alleviation) and bottom-up solutions instead of top-down aid. 



Mark your calendar:

  • On Monday, December 6th we will meet virtually over Zoom to discuss the book. The meeting is scheduled for 5pm (Pacific Standard Time).
  • Watch your email each Monday for a favorite quote or something that stood out. 


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