Travel on Purpose™ is a for-profit company with a goal to change the way we travel. We organize trips and services for an income. However, we turn right around and give that money back to our nonprofit partners. We work with well-vetted organizations located throughout the world who represent many areas of philanthropy. 100% of our profit is donated.








Travel on Purpose™ incorporates

the following core values into every trip we plan.

We love people and the opportunity to connect with them and learn from them. Locals are the experts. We believe travel dollars should stay in communities, supporting small businesses that bring opportunity and dignity

We are made for relationship. TOP trips will provide opportunities to meet locals and learn their stories, their history and their culture. This is the very best way to travel. Cooking classes and cultural walking tours are some of our favorites.

Travel is the best teacher. This education reminds us that there are a million ways to cook, dress, worship, and speak. As we learn, we grow in character and understanding.

As if we were a guest in someone's home, we enter foreign countries ready to respect and value their way of doing things. Travel is an opportunity to immerse ourselves in new opportunities and celebrate diversity that is found throughout the nations.

We vet organizations and find ways for TOP travelers to get involved. We have the privilege of sharing out of our abundance and want to be a blessing to the organizations and people we spend time with. Generosity might mean helping to fund a special project or becoming a monthly donor. Generosity might include sharing our skills or expertise or becoming an ambassador as we learn about the good work being done.

Travel inspires awe of God’s beautiful creation. As stewards, we believe that making choices that care for the environment ultimately honors God.












These are just some of the organizations we'd love to introduce you to. Each one is meeting tangible needs in their community, while also sharing the love of God with those they serve.



Uganda //

A school and community center providing education, breaking the cycle of poverty

Guatemala //

Restoring hope

through rescue

and trauma care

Honduras //

Empowering small plot

coffee farmers living

in extreme poverty

Serbia //

Providing services

and hope to families

with special needs


Mexico //

Promoting holistic

orphan care and

family reunification 

Dominican Republic //

Providing microloans and holistic care

for those in need 

Ecuador //

Providing tutoring, hot meals, and a safe place for vulnerable children living in Quito

Uganda //

Timothy Girls High School, transforming lives

through education


Costa Rica //

Working with vulnerable youth in inner-city San Jose

Ecuador //

Supporting families with Christ-centered services in Quito

Ecuador //

A retreat center outside of Quito that provides space for internships, camps and time with Jesus

‚Äč35 Countries //

Opportunities for marginalized women through microenterprise, leadership development and local sustainability.


Guatemala //

Dignified employment for adults with special needs. Organic wellness products.

Guatemala //

Serving the Maya community at Lake Atitlan. Skills training, elder care, schools, food security.

Guatemala //

Pocket-sized water filters that fit the universal faucet. Guatemala made. Woman owned business.

Haiti //

Upcycled, ethical, and affordable goods, handcrafted by artisans in Haiti. *makers of TOP's luggage tags.